Heading into the back country on horseback is as much a journey back in time as it is an opportunity to explore the wilderness in all it's unspoiled grandeur.  Sitting atop a horse and feeling the trail as they do, while seeing the surrounding forest with the added height of your horse is an experience that will touch to your soul.  

Reid Horse and Cattle Company with their two stables offer riders a guided trip into the back country that is simply spectacular.  They have everything you need to make this trip an experience of a lifetime.  

They have trips for all experience levels ranging from one hour to up to seven hours on a full back country loop.  They have pack trips for a couple of days for you and your group.  Better still, you tell them where you want to go and they'll arrange a custom pack trip and provide all the gear you'll need.

No matter what your interests or riding level spending time on the back of a horse, seeing the forest, the lakes, creeks, and imagining what it must have been like to be the first people to ever cross this land, leaves a lasting impression in your mind and your heart that you simply have to experience for yourself.  

To learn more about the Reid Horse and Cattle Company and the trips that they offer, please visit them on the web here:                                                                     

You can also contact them by telephone at (530) 836 - 0940.                

We hope you and your friends and family will give this "Day Trippin" idea a try.  We're pretty sure that once you do, you'll never look at majesty of the woods the same again.