One of our favorite spots to spend some time whenever we can is in Forest City, but it's not all about the destination that makes it a wonderful Day Trippin' Idea, but the journey getting there is just as wonderful.  No matter how you get there if you're hiking, MTB, or traveling by vehicle the trip to get there surrounded by the sure beauty of the Tahoe National Forest  makes it all worth it.  

It's easy to get to Mountain House Road, simply head down Hwy 49 until you reach the turnoff to Goodyears Bar and cross the bridge.  When you get into town, you make a right and follow it through town for a short distance and you'll be on your journey to Mountain House and Forest City.  Along the way you'll pass several spring feed waterfalls like this one.  The vegetation growing out of the bedrock and the natural beauty with the trees from above them standing guard with the sun's rays shining through them is spectacular.

Let's talk a minute about the sugar pines.  Sugar pines were one of the native trees in the forest and through the Gold Rush expansion and the toll of wildfires they were hit hard.  They are a magnificent tree and there simply is no comparison to them in the forest.  

There is one special one left that you'll come to along your trip that the locals have dubbed the "Grandfather Tree" and when you see it you'll know why.  This sugar pine is amazing, and whenever I get to it I offer a prayer and ask it for its wisdom.  You can't help but feel the spirit within this tree as it stands tall and proud.   We don't want to spoil your first view of this amazing tree, but here's a picture of a sugar pine pinecone and judging from the size of the pinecone you'll be able to imagine the size of the tree.

When you reach the summit you'll come to the site of the old inn with a plaque that tells a bit of history about the site.  It also allows for spectacular views as well.

As you continue on you'll come to "Rite Here".  Rite here is two plaques that mark the spot where the stagecoach robbery attempt happened back in 1887 when the stagecoach was king.

Continuing on your journey you'll come to the tow Forest City, population 4.  There you'll find the original dance hall and bar.  A working stamp mill thanks to the Clampers (well done "Red Shirts") and several historical markers.  

This two stamp mill is a great piece of gold rush history kept alive for visitors to see.  At the next Forest City Doins June 17,18, and 19 you can witness this stamp mill come to life and learn more about what Clamperdom is all about.

One of the neatest things you can see is that even in a town with 4 people they are restoring buildings and homes and they still fly Ole Glory proud for everyone to witness.  

Taking it slow along this nine mile road by vehicle it takes about an hour to get there with stopping along the way from Goodyears Bar.  So pack a lunch enjoy a picnic at one of the picnic tables in Forest City and dine with your family and friends as you consider what it must have been like to live here in the late 1800's.  

We hope you enjoyed this Day Trippin' Idea and be sure to check the Life, Live It tab for more ideas.  If you have a question or would like more information please feel free to contact us via email and we'll be happy to assist you.  

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